Long Time Away

2016-10-30 23:46:49 by Hyper-Shadow-Death

Well after about 7 years of being away i thought to show some of my friends my movies and songs from before and i decided to come back. Im working as a full time strength coach and bodybuilding competitor but will be doing any voice acting anyone requests in the meantime. Cheers everyone!

Animations Continue

2009-08-15 19:16:00 by Hyper-Shadow-Death

With the success of Chrono Eternal: The Mist making top ten of the day I have decided to keep making movies. I will take a break from the series because it takes so much invested time to complete a full episode but I will submit a few shorts in the meantime to amuse the people of newgrounds. Eazy

Hey all, Im lacking the time to start making mouse drawn animations again, so I've started up a new sprite series which will hopefully be a hit! Episode one will be coming out in a week or so, look out for it!

New Songs/ vids

2008-03-23 12:33:51 by Hyper-Shadow-Death

Sup peeps, This ya man Retaliation. I got some new sick tracks coming out shortly and Im grabbin myself a graphic tablet to start makin some serious flash movies. Eazy